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Updated: May 17, 2020

Today I'm presenting to you our fourth and last lady of this first WOMENBODIMENT film. Julia Wunderlich from Berlin. Her platform rolling tiger has now developed from an online residence into a female's temple space right in the middle of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Next to a heavenly Pakistani Deli she and her many amazing co-creatrices serve holistic wellness treatments and female empowerment workshops.

Julia and I both write for a German yoga and spiritual lifestyle magazine called Fuck Lucky Go Happy. Whereas I am their spiritual DJane and create mostly playlists, Julia crafts articles around women's health, feminine wisdom and Ayurveda. They are loved by many, including me. I always wanted to film with Julia, back then for my Shantiphant Project, but it was never the right time. Now, it was.

You might have noticed until now that I love astrology and it's always a highlight for me to feel the different energies the women I film will give off. The story of this film is told by fire (Diana), air (Amaru and Katharina), water (me) and earth (Julia) and I swear I have not intended it to be that way! But who wouldn't want all the elements united in one film?

So, yes, Julia adds to the film with her earthy, grounded structure. Her sun and moon in Capricorn provide this deep longing for ancient wisdom, she studied ethnology and Ayurveda and you can tell from her tattoos that she's desiring these tribal elements as close to her as possible. Her Venus in Scorpio shows in the flowing, enticing gowns she adornes herself in. I have always loved her style, her wonderful feel for colors and textures, her folk jewelry. Have you noticed the three dots on her chin? The idea she got from the Rabari Tribal women, who have been tattooing themselves for hundreds of years. It was a pure delight for me to film her dancing, grounding into her body with all these embroideries on her skin and on the textiles she was wearing.

When Corona hit, I knew I had waited too long to connect with her about our last shooting. There was still a second interview to be held and we wanted to add some dancing (which you will love). The borders were closing and Bavaria, the state I live in, was the first to order a lockdown. I stayed calm and continued to edit all the footage I had so far. Then my girlfriend got invited to play a gig in Berlin for ARTE United We Stream and despite the lockdown we made our way to Berlin. The highways were completely empty, never in my life had I seen them that way. We felt a little bit like Bonnie and Clyde (or rather Clydia) but we never got stopped anyway. I have to declare here that we are absolute home stayers and always as cautious as possible, I still try to.

So, while Dani was playing in a dusky and empty club, I was in Julia's temple, listening to angelic sounds while she and her friend Lara and Anja were preparing their online gathering. We all acted cautiously and it was super nice to watch how they had organized themselves so quickly in the crisis. Despite only being open for two months, they found a way how to still offer their service and create a new form of circle. I personally love the idea of coming together live via providers like zoom. My hometown Munich is in general a bit sleepy and through online options I get to take part in worldwide gatherings I wouldn't be able otherwise.

We did film a second time, two weeks later and I must pat myself on the shoulder for this trip: 2-day-trip with 1-day-filming and then a couple of days of speed cutting so I could integrate the new footage in time for the release of the film, which is on Monday, the 18th. In two days, yikes.

Also, it's so nice to have pics of me in action. This rarely happens and I appreciate the documentation of my Bonny-like journeys. Thanks to Julia, I managed to not be so shy on camera and vice versa. We might have done some serious camera therapy here, who knows.

I am super exited for your to see the film so soon, I will definitely not sleep much the next days. I already feel high from sleep deprivation but I like this state, I'm calm, more focussed and can concentrate better. And of course, I'm way to exited to sleep now anyways.

Much love, Laura


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