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I'm the founder and filmmaker


I'm also an artist, writer and Neptunian Dream Weaver of

textile portals.

I'm a Pisces/Leo Rising. 

Sometimes I like to be in the spotlight &

sometimes I enjoy to hide deep down,

get lost in the waters. 

My moon in Aquarius makes me prone to inspire others by distributing information and idealism.

WOMENBODIMENT is a film company specializing in movies centered around healing, spirituality, and magic

Die Conscious Filmmakeress Laura Hirch in ihrem Atelier.JPG

this is my work SPACE. I need a lot of memories around me, my plants, weird objects and my pictures. 


330225844_6541776792502557_3319516522591400859_n Kopie.jpg

Welcome to this space that I created to collect stories from women that need to be told.

WOMENBODIMENT is a platform rooted in women supporting women's healing journey. Through compelling visual narratives, I aim to traverse the expanse of ancient Goddess wisdom to the contemporary tapestry of shamanic spiritual practices. These stories are designed to empower women to ground themselves, embrace their physical forms, listen to their intuition, connect with their own spiritual roots and ancestors, forge new paths, and rediscover their relationship within nature.

Upon graduation from AMD Munich with Journalism & Media Communication I worked a few years for YOGA JOURNAL and started my short documentary film project, "SHANTIPHANT," which captured the spiritual evolution of women through the practice of yoga. This endeavor resulted in the creation of 20 short films spanning four seasons (2014 and 2017). In 2015, I honed my craft by completing a comprehensive 9-month postgraduate course in documentary filmmaking in Los Angeles. This endeavor paved the way for my immersion in diverse roles within the filmmaking industry, enriching my understanding and expertise.


Currently, I live and work in Munich, Germany, and am studying Modern Matriarchal Studies and Matriarchal Spirituality with Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth who is one of the experts of the FROM THE GODDESS docu series.

Thank you for being here, watching and sharing.

Love, Laura

While filming with Dr. Joan Marler at the Institute for Archeomythology

GOOD TO KNOW: I am a one-woman-show so your monetary support by buying single episodes or film bundles is supporting me directly in creating more movies about women's spirituality. Thank you so much!


Filming with Dr. Joan Marler at the

Institute of Archaeomythology

Ibiza Cine Fest 2022 with the

poetry-film Ask The Water

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