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The shooting for the first film of my WOMENBODIMENT series happened in Ibiza, Munich and Berlin. I have a connection to all of these places and was very lucky to film with four wonderful women thus far. 

In Ibiza I have filmed with the shaman Diana Odette Beaulieu who teaches women around the world how to connect to their womb. With Amaru Agnieszka I was lucky enough to spend two days with her and fellow women on a retreat. I filmed them holding ceremony and sing in the forest. We even went together in a sweat lodge which I had done before a couple of times but it was never so beautiful. Amaru told me a lot about how healing happens when we connect to our ancestors. It felt very 

fitting to connect to my mothers lineage in the sweat lodge and ask for guidance for this project. ​

Back in Munich, my hometown, I was introduced to Katharina Sebert. What a blessing it was to meet her for the first time and get to spend many days filming with her. With her singing circle, on a retreat on the countryside where she held a women's circle leadership training. In nature, in her home and on a Demo with her ladies. From her, I learned a lot about spiritual feminism and who we as women can support each other.

Then, in Berlin, I filmed with Julia Wunderlich. For many years I have been following her work as Ayurvedic cook and healer. She's also a moon mother (by Miranda Grey) and has been holding women circles for a long time. With her I spoke about how pain and ailments can affect the womb and overall being. She has just created her own women's spaces to hold circles and other forms of healing. 

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