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I am currently working on a doc film about my astrology teacher Giorgia. Since 2017, I have accompanied her with my camera through big life changes aka Saturn transits.
Giorgia and I met when we both lived in Berlin. We first became friends and then I became her student - astrology has always connected us so I might bring myself/ our friendship into the story.

Giorgia Pecora is a 35 year old Sicilian who really lives by the stars. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a talent to teach astrology in a very unique and entertaining way which is why she attracts many students that also become friends with her. Her Aquarian spirit makes her an amazing community builder. Over the last 8 years I have filmed with Giorgia at the various places she moved to, followed her to an astrology conference, filmed at her astrology themed wedding and on astro picnics with her community.

I would like to tell a positive story about astrology through a contemporary and well educated woman who is one of many who profit from the global boom which astrology has been experiencing over the last years, especially since the crisis. The film is meant to show Giorgias unique character, her quirkyness and big heart.

I am planning to publish this film in autumn 2024.



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Dea Madre / Mother Goddess - Senorbì, Sardegna, Italy

Season 1 is meant as an first overview of the Goddess world, but it is a work in process since 'the Goddess is a global phenomenon' to put it in Max Dashu's words.

For Season 2, I will dive deeper into the topic of Matriarchy and have a closer look into certain parts of the world, how Goddess was revered here.

SEASON 2 will entail:

- The Goddess in Africa

- The Goddess in India

- The Goddess in Mesopotamia

- The Goddess in East Asia / Pacific

- The Goddess in the Americas

- Matriarchy

I have held a number of interviews with amazing experts already but would be thrilled to hear ideas from you where and with whom I should film. Also, if you know camera women in certain places, please write me an email, I would like to collaborate with other women!

The filming will start 2024 and publication is planned end of 2025.

Thank you so much,


Laura Hirch

Founder & Filmmaker of Womenbodiment Films

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