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Dea Madre / Mother Goddess - Senorbì, Sardegna, Italy

Season 1 is meant as an first overview of the Goddess world, but it is a work in process since 'the Goddess is a global phenomenon' to put it in Max Dashu's words.

For Season 2 I will dive deeper into the topic of Matriarchy and have a closer look into certain parts of the world, how Goddess was revered here.

SEASON 2 will entail:

- The Goddess in Africa

- The Goddess in India

- The Goddess in Mesopotamia

- The Goddess in East Asia / Pacific

- The Goddess in the Americas

- Matriarchy

I have held a number of interviews with amazing experts already but would be thrilled to hear ideas from you where and with whom I should film. Also, if you know camera women in certain places, please write me an email, I would like to collaborate with other women!

The filming will start 2024 and publication is planned end of 2025.

Thank you so much,


Laura Hirch

Founder & Filmmaker of Womenbodiment Films

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