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I met the Modern Medicine Woman and Womb Awakening practitioner Diana Odette Beaulieu in an analogue way, very refreshing and unexpectedly. My first film trip to Ibiza was actually through the creative festival for women, Tanit Dreams, which was created by the artist Melisa Ramet and her friend Analia. I saw the festival and knew I wanted to film with them, originally for my first film draft "Goddess Rising". At their festival they offered many different workshops, all in the healings realms. And one of them was a womb blessing by Diana.

Dianas workshops was the only one I was asked not to film at, in order to give the other women space to feel themselves and not be bothered. Even when I try to be as subtle as possible, I will always disturb the innocence of a sacred space. This is one reason why I am going to these circles on my own to film, any other person would create additional turmoil during a ceremony. I will tell you about the life hacks of a conscious filmmakeress in an other article. So, not filming at Diana's workshop finally gave me the opportunity to lay aside my camera and take part at my first womb blessing. We were asked to connect and feel into our womb and I had no feeling whatsoever. I rather felt numb, does this count as a feeling? I later learned in the interview with Diana that this is a common sensation in most women and it takes practice and courage, time and love to fully connect with the womb, our wisdom keeper.

The ceremony was beautiful and I felt save and held by Dianas presence. Her wisdom made me want to come back some day for some filming. So when I found Amaru and arranged for some more filming with Melisa, I reached back to Diana to see if she would be up for a story with her and magically, she also had a workshop in that week I would be on the island and was inviting me to join her and a group of ladies from her course to become a Sacred Woman Awakening Practitioner Training.

Diana's spirit name is White Horse and I feel this energy is really resonating. After all, she is a fiery Sagittarius lady and the glyph of this sign is a centaur, half human, half horse. She has this very ladylike, graceful way of walking and expressing herself. And in the next moment I perceived her to be surprisingly goofy and wild.

Diana calls herself a Modern Medicine Woman and practices on the island for over ten years. Originally from London, she has found her place and teaches women from all over the world. You are invited to learn more about her vita on her website, Diana's journey on this Earth is quite impressing. This sentence stuck with me: "She used her scientific background and a healthy dose of skepticism to carefully evaluate the effects of Womb Awakening for her clients so that an effective healing pathway could evolve." And this is exactly how I felt during the interview: every sentence of her is well prepared, very delicately and diligently carved to deliver the best understanding for every woman.

Just like with Katharina, we also had a beautiful encounter with the Animal Spirit Kingdom. This time with a lizard. Diana had been sitting in a forest by the Sea, drumming for half an hour so I could record her drumming and singing from every angle.

From philosopher Neil Kramer I have learned that when human beings come from their normal day to day life into the forest, their consciousness is shaped like a square. Animals will sense this unease, the stress or whatever is involved, and it scares them off. But the longer human stays in nature, tends to relax, tunes into nature and comes back to themselves, the consciousness will adapt into a circular shape. Animals will feel this new field of expanded consciousness and are now encountering a being that has other things in mind than threatening them. Also, the drumming was certainly attractive to the little lizard and it showed up for a little climb on Diana's lap. And, for a little taste of her foot.

The interpretation of meeting a lizard is said to mean the following: "The lizard animal totem is a reliable messenger from the spiritual realm. They are flexible and highly adaptive to their surroundings, capable of overcoming a plethora of adverse circumstances and personal attacks. Lizards take excellent care of themselves, and they incite us to do the same. When a lizard spirit guide comes scurrying across your path, it is time to do some soul-searching. The lizard prompts you to take a good, hard look deep within yourself and determine what is driving you along your path. Is your ego reigning supreme or are you acting from your heart? It is crucial to take this introspection seriously, as our egos are masters of deception."

I love Diana's spontaneity. Of course, there was an issue with sound again, one of my major hurdles when filming. The best picture for the interview was on the balcony and I had forgotten a wind protector. Living close by the Sea, OF COURSE it was windy. No problem for Diana, she just formed a cup with her hand around the mic - which actually looks like she's holding her heart. Excellent sound, brilliant visual solution. (...look at this throne she's sitting in, also brilliant.)

I would have wanted to film again with her and still regret it, there would have for sure so many more amazing pics to be recorded -- but the idea of the story developed into now including Munich and Berlin so the journey went northward. Also, unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the two of us together, I have only recently started this since --- tadaaa --- I actually don't feel too comfortable in front of a camera :) I am working on it and I will probably show myself in some other film in the future, please bear with me!

I'm exited for you to learn more about Diana in the film!

Much love, Laura


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