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WOMENBODIMENT to stream at Panta.Ray

I am so incredibly happy and honoured that WOMENBODIMENT is now actually available on the PANTA.Ray platform. It's definitely a dream of mine come true.

I really want to tell you how it came about.

I have been a fangirl of the Cosmic Cine Festival for several years. Every two years this film festival, which specialises in conscious and spiritual films, takes place in my hometown of Munich. The films shown are all very idealistic in nature and I have secretly wished to show a film there as well.

Last year, when I had reached the point where I could see the story more clearly and had more confidence in myself with WOMENBODIMENT, I saw the Cosmic Cine Festival's call for film submissions for 2020 on Facebook and my heart began to leap very strongly. And also to sit out for a moment. Joy, fear, joy, fear.

Could this film really have the potential to be screened at a film festival?

No matter, with the feeling of tingling I had learned to trust and so I simply had to make contact. Dunja Burghardt, the co-founder of the festival, was immediately very helpful and found the topic of the film exciting. I started the day highly motivated - only to be discouraged again a short time later. Then, at the end of 2019, came the heart-sting once again: it's now or never. I checked the deadline and consulted Dunja. Again, she was very forthcoming in talking me through the film idea and letting me share her expertise. We had a very comfortable relationship right away and I feel grateful to have had such an empowering exchange during this time. I couldn't have felt better looked after for my first festival submission <3

With one more shoot to go and the film far from its completed form, Dunja allowed me to defer and I submitted a roughcut first, which was pleasing. Roughcut means that the film does not yet have its perfectly polished form, but it is already clear to see in which direction it will go.

Except my dog got sick. Uncertainty whether she would survive and many days in the veterinary hospital pulled me out of the space to create and I could no longer focus sufficiently. Courage and leisure dwindled, doubts grew louder and I took heart to finally cancel Dunja. Again she was very understanding and even wrote me the next day that another film about women had been submitted at short notice - what a lucky coincidence!

And then Corona came. The festival was to take place again in Munich at the end of April and was now offered as an online version. In this case, I think it was also a lucky coincidence, because it meant that viewers could immediately become aware of the newly founded platform PANTA.Ray. Dunja and her husband Maik created PANTA.Ray to show wonderful films with *world-changing potential* outside of the festival - or a "spiritual Netflix", as I like to call it. Except that binge-watching here is more likely to lead to enlightenment than to couch potato ;)

Can you imagine how happy I was when Dunja invited me to include my film on the platform? After the wonderful response from all of you, I am just so grateful that WOMENBODIMENT now also shines on PANTA.Ray and is thus once again accessible to a wider audience. Over the years, Dunja and Maik have created a large network of great filmmakers and I feel immensely honoured to have been included as a novice among them.

On PANTA.Ray there is now also the possibility to rent the film for a lower price, if you prefer.

By the way: DVD's from my side are definitely planned as well, I am currently just looking for packaging materials that are not made of plastic and are still affordable. I also want to make the production and printing of the packaging sleeve as sustainable as possible and am grateful for any tips!

All the love, Laura

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