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Playlist WOMENBODIMENT° 1 is out!

I am Pisces Sun, Leo Rising - to me this means, I like to be in the spotlight but need to dive deep sometimes, below the surface, hide, recharge. As you can imagine, it's been some breathtaking three weeks in the spotlight, full of wonderful letters, comments, posts, shares with words of appreciation. I can’t believe how much I have been showered with love and it has helped me tremendously to believe in myself and the work I do. I am doubting myself and my work often (I call this artist-thritis) and it was so healing for myself. I took some time to rest and digest but the work is not over, and frankly, it feels like it’s just begun! The marketing phase is yet again a challenge, but one that I am more than happy to take on to spread the wonderful messages of the ladies around the globe.

To have some diverserty for my brain, I spice up the work days with some creativity and music and have just finished the WOMENBODIMENT°1 playlist for the first film. I have been a spiritual infused playlist-DJane for many years now. I started out with creating the CD’s for the German edition of YOGA JOURNAL. Each year we attached a CD to the December issue and I also created a whole box with yoga music, I had a wonderful time with Krishna Das, Wah!, DJ Drez and MC Yogi. And stillI love diving and digging into music and form a musical tale for yoga classes, home practices and now also women's circles. I don't just throw in tunes that I like. I carefully curate the list, so the tones and lyrics are in tune with healing spaces, internal and external. The songs build up on each other and fit rhythmically supporting the flow. Still, each class and circle is different so you're welcome to also just pick out songs you like and create your own list with them. I also added in music that was mentioned and used in the film, like Beautiful Chorus (music from trailer, too) and Yeah Deckelbaums Prayer of the Mothers. Charli Kornblum sung the Siren's Calling in the beginning of the film and I will add her in the playlist as soon she's on Spotify. The list is two and a half hours long, 32 songs just from women, I hope you enjoy it.

2014, creating music playlists for 3 CD's and Carla designing this beautiful box for YOGA JOURNAL.

If you want to use it for your New Moon Circle ... Voila, on Sunday the 20th of June, we will not only have a New Moon in Cancer, there is also a total solar eclipse (which is only visible in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Taiwan, and Guam). Julia form the film just asked me if she can use my playlist for her new moon women's circle and a big YES! You can all use it! For your circles, for your own practice, for every occasion that is nurturing and goes well together with some healing music. I have just read in the newsletter of social activist astrologer Chani Nicholas that 'Cancer is a water sign. It is the sea that birthed the first organisms on earth. It symbolizes the origins of our origins. The embryonic fluid that nourishes life in the womb and keeps it safe. The waters that cleanse us through our tears, baptisms, mikvahs, wudus, and libations. Cancer cares. It nurtures. It bonds. Baby to parent and the lineages they come from. Cancer gives life and supports it with love, nourishment, and security. This eclipse is the last in a series in Cancer and it gets straight to the point: care is how we create safety.'

But not only these two happenings are worth celebrating. This is truly a special weekend since it will be Summer Solstice, too. If you don’t celebrate it with a fire ceremony, I have a great tip for you: you certainly know Stonehenge is an ancient prehistoric World Heritage Site and it has been a place of worship and celebration at the time of Summer Solstice for thousands of years. Through a live cam you can be a part of watching the sunrise and sunset live this year, this will be so exiting! On Saturday you can see the sunset and on Sunday morning the sunrise here.

On a social level, this weekend will also be the ‚Juneteenth‘. As Chani Nicholas writes, ‚this weekend will have some of the biggest and broadest Black Lives Matter uprisings that we have seen thus far across the entire globe. As of writing this upwards of 275 public events are scheduled. It’s a massive moment in a longstanding movement.’

I take this part very seriously. We can only be free when we are all free to live how we are and not face discrimination. Just as Katharina explains in the film that she has the vision that we will all take each other by the hand and live together in peace and dance around Grandmother Earth. But for this we have to develop the understanding that we are not treated equally yet. And for this we have to constantly be aware of the language we use and reflect on the actions we take. Sacred feminism expands into every last bit of existence and lights up those corners that have been covered in shade so real healing can happen.

Much love, Laura


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