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For each film, I am creating a playlist with songs of great women. Some of the songs I used in the film. The playlist you can listen to while creating art, dancing or holding your own women's circle.


This is the first playlist WOMENBODIMENT °1. It contains two and a half hours of music, created and sung by women. The first songs are a bit slower so you can arrive in the present moment, in the space. Followed by flowy tunes for your dancing, and two womb space songs. I have curated the songs carefully so the tones and lyrics are in tune with healing spaces, internal and external. The songs build up on each other and are rhythmically supporting the flow of your event, without you playing the DJane during the gathering. 


You will find music mentioned in the film, like Beautiful Chorus's Faith's Hymn for example.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-03 um 2.22.18 AM.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-03 um 2.16.39 AM.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-03 um 2.18.29 AM.

May I present to you the wonderful musicians who contributed to the film with their creations. Their voices, their music is pure medicine and I invite you to click on the pictures and get to know more of their art. I put some tracks on the playlist called WOMENBODIMENT °1 which you can also play at your women's circles. 


Beautiful Chorus

Track: Faith Of Hymn


Charli Kornblum

Track: Siren's Call


Track: Berlin Strolls

Christina Sangita

Various Piano Creations

Aiwu Riviera

Track: Canción del Bosque

When you look at my Spotify account, you can find additional spiritual infused playlists which I have been creating for the German yoga blog Fuck Lucky Go Happy for the last couple of years. They are created to fit the rhythm of a yoga home practice.

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