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FILM DIARY for "The Goddess" N°2: Journey to Avalon

Aktualisiert: 16. Aug. 2023

I am very excited - next week I'm are going to Avalon, and I am taking you with on Instagram! Ok, we're going to Glastonbury to be precise, because I want to stay in this dimension and film it for you ;) Filming trips are my favorite part of filmmaking besides researching and editing the film. I love travelling myself (Jupiter in the 9th house), but at the moment I enjoy it more when I can combine it with filming. Of course, this also has financial reasons, because I still finance the films myself.

But back to Glastonbury: In researching about the Goddess, Google quickly led me to the Goddess Conference, the world's largest gathering of women who pay homage to the Goddess. The conference has been taking place for over 20 years and always ends shortly before Lammas, the festival marking the beginning of the harvest festival in the Celtic cycle, also known as the Reaper's Festival. Here women meet like-minded people, take part in Celtic ceremonies, rituals, workshops, dances and dedications. At the end, there is a procession, with flags and trombones, through the small town high up to Glastonbury Tor, the tower that sits atop the hill and makes the place seem even more magical. Especially when it sinks into a soup of mist - the mists of Avalon, that is.

Since the end of 2019, I had been in constant contact with the organisers Marion Brigantia and Katinka Soetens - both ceremonial priestesses - to ask for permission to film. In 2020, the conference moved completely online for the first time and my hopes of travelling there in 2021 quickly faded again as the entry requirements to the UK were very uncertain and the organisers decided to only invite participants from the local area in addition to the online talks.

It was clear to me that I would therefore put off the whole film, all the filming, for another year, because documenting the conference is simply essential, a true centrepiece. The Goddess is at home here, she is openly worshipped, fairies, priestesses and other luminous beings cavort here, there is a Goddess Temple and a Goddess House, on Airbnb you can find rooms with images of goddesses on the walls. There is one crystal shop after another and you will probably find books on every supernatural subject in the bookshops. Glastonbury is also said to be the heart chakra of the Earth.

I actually was in Glastonbury already this year in April ( and could do a little unofficial location check so to speak) because I was invited to film at an Astrology Wedding (yes, we could come in astro costumes!). I have been accompanying my astrology teacher Giorgia Pecora from Door of Lotus/Institute for Visionary Astrology on her life's journey for over a year now and so the wedding with her current husband John Wadsworth - also an astrologer - was an important part of the film. (More on that soon, I've just come out of a stressful permanent job in a film production where I managed very little on the side).

So via Instagram I'll be taking you on another filming trip, like the last one to Ibiza. I'll be on the road for six days, two of which will be travelling to and from the location by bus and train. There's still a lot to organise, equipment to check and pack and I still have to fix the interview dates with a few women. I also want to film a few hours with Giorgia, there was little time for general questions during the wedding.

Another personal fact: Not far from the location runs my Venus DSC line (I'm very into astro-cartography!), which means that Venus lies on my descendant axis here, so I'm looking forward to beautiful and cordial encounters, hopefully lots of good filming, and one or two Venus symbols along the way ;)

See you soon!



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