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✿ Do you want to have a beautiful little video to       present yourself and your work? 


✿ Do you want to become more accessible to           your customers/clients?


✿ Do you want to see yourself and your work in a     different light

Then we're a great match <3


WOMENBODIMENT is actually a project of my sweet little film production company CrystalAgency Healing Films!


Besides working on my feature length documentaries, I offer my service to help you create a beautiful short video for your website or as an introduction video for your YouTube-Channel. In these few minutes you can introduce yourself and your work in the healing arts to the world and help others to get to know you a bit better. 

I have quite some years of experience to film sensual image films and also have a fundus of nice textiles and other props to use in the video we can use to create a colorful and stylish set. 


Please have a look at my reel below to get a feel for my work. 

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