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Aktualisiert: 20. Aug. 2023

Early Movement

As an activist for the Goddess and the Feminist Movement, Starr published a feminist newspaper in 1970 with her roommates (because one of them had a printing press)

Sheela na gig

Since Starr first learned of the Sheela na gigs, she has dedicated her work and research to these mystical figures with their distinct vulva representations, traveling to Ireland for many years. For her, the Sheelas represent healing and protection as well as the symbol of the ever-renewing power of life.


Over a quarter of a century in the making, this book has three parts: History, Journeys, Image with over 150 illustrations. 'Nothing represents the necessity of re-imagining the female in Western culture more than the startling stone carving of the Sheela na gig displaying her vulva. Striking in her originality, the Sheela na gig is an antidote to the war on women, the war on nature, and the war on the imagination.

TV Show

The Goddess In Art was a cable TV series (which is still available on Youtube) began in 1986 and ran until 1991. Dedicated to the Return of the Goddess, the series explores the legacy of this oldest tradition in art and the resurgence of feminist spirituality in contemporary art. Starr Goode interviewed many scholars to uncover Her suppressed history and artists who were inspired by a radical re-imagining of the feminine.


the life-restoring, evil stopping powers of the displayed vulva in myth and history; the political and social reclamation of the word “pussy”; the contemporary emergence of feminist sacred art; sacred images for another order of being; the Dark Goddess and the renewal of life; reclaiming the sanctity of women’s bodies from the patriarchal mindset; seeding the foundation for a life-affirming culture.


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