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Spiral as the symbol of the Goddess

Aktualisiert: 16. Aug. 2023

Since Paleolithic times, sacred spirals were found embedded in architecture and artwork

The Spiral is the most common design element in megalithic art

It decorates Paleolithic caves, ancient temples in Ireland, Malta and Mycenea, as well as countless pictographic monuments throughout the world.

It is one of the oldest signs that has existed in nature before the majority of the languages and alphabets!

“The Celts, the Mycenaeans and the ancient peoples used spirals to represent the concept of the Great Cosmic River of the Universe”. According to Anthropologist José Luis Cardero.


Ancient Greek: σπείρα (speíra) meaning “wreath, coil, twist”.

Medieval Latin: spiralis meaning “winding around a fixed center, coiling”.

A large number of plants and animals develop in a series of patterns directly related

to the spiral.

From deepest Prehistory onwards, the spiral was associated with horns and snakes, and symbolized dynamism, eternity, fertility and the vital magic of life.

The spiral is one of the most widespread forms in nature

Spiral Goddess

The Spiral Goddess symbol is inspired by the prehistoric female figurines found in archaeological sites and is currently used as the main icon of the Goddess movement and other nature-based religions.

It serves as a visual reminder for women that the unique power they hold within is not something to be feared or hidden in shame, but something to be welcomed with open arms.

Raised arms signify that the Goddess invokes the power of the spiral within her to bring life. Instead of covering her body in fear or shame, the Spiral Goddess stands steadfast and claims her entire being, reclaims her feminine power.


The Triskele or An Thríbhís Mhòr is a Pre-Celtic and Celtic symbol and represents the three realms of the Gaelic universe: land, sea, and sky.The Triskele is 6500 years old has also become an important symbol for (modern day) Wicca.

Triple Goddess

Maiden, Mother Crone - an often seen symbol in nowadays Goddess worship: the crescent moons represent the cycles of life and the three aspects of the Goddess.


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