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FILM DIARY for "The Goddess" N°3: Meeting the Icons

Aktualisiert: 16. Aug. 2023

The last couple of weeks I was very busy planning my biggest film journey so far. I will travel to the United States to meet with many of the icons of the early Goddess Movement! I don’t know even where to beginn to tell how much of a blessing this is to me.

I have become so obsessed with the Goddess World over the last years and the incredible work that these early scholars, activist and artist have created. I have read their books, papers, have seen them in films and now it just seems overwhelming that already next week I get to sit with these women, only a camera between us, and listen to their stories first hand.

My journey will first bring me to the Bay Area of San Francisco. Here I will meet with Vicki Noble, Max Dashu, Joan Marler and Professor Annette Williams from the CIIS. I also have a possibility to film at a land that is part of the Rematriate movement, Huchiun land which is better known to us by it’s settler name „Oakland“ today.

From there I will drive down to Los Angeles via Ojai where I will meet Charlene Spretnak, followed by some days LA and interviews with Starr Goode, Miriam Dexter Robbins and Dr. Giavanni Washington.

I am exited to be back in California since I have lived both in San Francisco and Los Angeles for

some time but also am curious if it has changed much over the last heavy years. After all, the United States are having their Pluto Return at the moment.

After California I will be in Maryland: meeting Mare Cromwell north of Washington who is the founder of the 1000 Goddesses Global Grid where I will film the next day. If you want to hold your own Goddess circle, you can register here. It’s a global celebration.

After these certainly beautiful images I will head north to New York to meet artist and early Goddess worshipper Cristina Biaggi and some more... tba!

When I started with this Goddess research I had no idea I would meet with any one of them, let alone SO MANY of them. I keep wondering and asking myself why this all worked out so neatly but then again, I put in a lot of research over the last tow years, sat on my desk a lot, listed to many many podcast interviews and watched Donna Read’s films each at least 10 times ;)

And yes, I will film in Germany as well, we also have a rich tradition of Goddess scholars here but the initial movement started in the States in the 70s, along the Women’s Liberation Movement. Women were hungry to learn about the Goddess, it was unimaginable for them that this knowledge had been suppressed for such a long time and it was very empowering for them to identify with a female Goddess after having been brought up in a strict belief system of a male God. This must have been such an exciting and liberating time.

A lot of self-doubt has come up the last days. A lot is at stake. I have planned an interview each day, I will have a lot of movement between the days and I hope everything will work out. Will I be able to handle the interviews „professionally“ enough, will my English be good enough or will I be able to handle such an important topic accordingly? I try to take much time these days to focus on the joy and excitement I get from the prospect of meeting so many role models. After all, self doubt hasn’t helped me much in the past and luckily there is so much still to be prepared that I don’t have much time to think.

It feels great to publish these words and to take you on the journey with me, it’s nice to share these moments of creating a film and since I’ll be alone it is a nice exchange over Instagram so know that I am happy when I see that you enjoy the pictures and moments I post.

Love, Laura


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